An Italian Told Me about Mussolini Today

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Mussolini admired by thousands

I met an Italian immigrant today.  He appeared to be about forty years old. We chatted about our respective countries and he told me that he knew about the South because he had seen a movie about it.  He knew all about racism and discrimination.

I gently protested that he shouldn't believe anything in a movie about discrimination because the writers have proven themselves to be liars who are trying to control what people think.

Then, on a hunch, I challenged him.  "What do you think about Mussolini?"

He became hesitant. "Well . . . me, personally . . ."

Then he looked off a little and continued "I have to watch what I say . . ."

And I blurted out "No you don't!"  It was such a perfect example of the very thing I had just warned him about, the mind control of the mass media.

He finally realized that he was in America now and that I wasn't a threat.  He showed a little excitement and revealed, "Now, if you were to ask my grandmother, she would say that Mussolini was the best!  Everything was good back then. People did right.  Everything worked.  My grandfather told me 'Italy needed Mussolini.  Italy was weak and lazy.  Only a strong man could govern Italy.'"

And I asked, "In Italy, you'd be afraid to say these things, right?"

We each learned a little more today about the strangleholds that the Thought Police try to have on our countries.