Understanding WCF

A family in the Old South

I call this a dissident right website.

The dissident right is a mishmash of people who cannot be defined because they cannot be confined. Enemies and detractors will try to pin them down and say “the dissident right is reprehensible because they do X” and a dissident rightist will smile and respond “You don’t know and I don’t care.” He rejects the rules by which his people have been bullied into submission. He has broken free. Such incorrigibility scares normies.

White Christian Family (hereafter “WCF”) has little of the rebelliousness one sometimes sees in the dissident right. We are race-realist, meaning that race exists and it matters. We condemn conservativism for not conserving one single thing. We are nationalist, not globalist: a people has the right to identify itself and its land and must allow other peoples to do the same with their lands, each people group enjoying the fruits of its labors and exercising the right to defend those fruits, the nation’s borders, and the people themselves.

WCF rejects attempts at defining dissident right orthodoxy and condemning heretics who don’t conform to the declared orthodoxy. I myself am a traditional Christian with strict, narrow ethical standards. The dissident right, however, includes people who are very much otherwise. Neither of us is hurting the other. I don’t answer for them, nor they for me. If we find a common cause somewhere along the road, we are free to cooperate. If we choose to separate, it’s nobody else’s business. Normies may convulse and howl their guilt-by-association condemnations until they turn blue and faint, but it will have no effect. The dissident right is invulnerable to name-calling.

At WCF we believe in the Christianity that prevailed for the first 2,000 years of the church, and which is roundly condemned now by the current crop of cucks and suck-ups who dominate the mass Christian media. If this sentiment isn’t clear to you, I’d recommend that you read Richard M. Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences and The Southern Tradition at Bay. Any culture that reveres Martin Luther King and devotes to destruction a statue of Robert E. Lee has lost its claim to historic Christian identity.